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Connecting-Africa is a gateway to African research information produced worldwide. It provides access to 93669 publications from 100 repositories. All publications originate from these repositories.

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2024-02-26 Aid unchained: Examining development project management practices at aid chain interfaces.
2024-02-26 Reconceptualizing Gender Equality Norm Diffusion and Regional Governance: Logics and Geometries.
2024-02-26 Localizing Land Governance, Strengthening the State: Decentralization and Land Tenure Security in Uganda.
2024-02-26 The long shadow of faith-based social networks on agricultural performance: Evidence from Ethiopian apple growers.
2024-02-26 Institutions, resources and innovation in East Africa: A firm level approach.
2024-02-26 The ambivalent impact of coffee certification on farmers' welfare: A matched panel approach for cooperatives in Central Kenya.
2024-02-26 The influence of Islamic orientations on democratic support and tolerance in five Arab countries.
2024-02-26 What if Networks Move? Dynamic Social Networking in the Context of African Migration to Europe.
2024-02-26 The Wolof argument-focus constructions as copulaless clefts.
2024-02-26 Worlds apart but much alike: Donor funding and the homogenization of NGOs in Ghana and Indonesia.

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