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Connecting-Africa is a gateway to African research information produced worldwide. It provides access to 90953 publications from 99 repositories. All publications originate from these repositories.

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2023-01-26 The African Conundrum: Rethinking the Trajectories of Historical, Cultural, Philosophical and Developmental Experiences of Africa.
2023-01-26 Technology Driven Curriculum for 21st Century Higher Education Students in Africa.
2023-01-26 Iron Sharpens Iron: Social Interactions at China Shops in Botswana.
2023-01-26 Human Trafficking and Trauma in the Digital Era: The Ongoing Tragedy of the Trade in Refugees from Eritrea.
2023-01-26 Leveraging Educational Quality in Southern African Educational Systems: A Practitioners' Perspective.
2023-01-26 In Chains for My Country: Crusading for the British Southern Cameroons.
2023-01-26 African Museums in the Making: Reflections on the Politics of Material and Public Culture in Zimbabwe.
2023-01-26 Kenya's Past as Prologue: Voters, Violence and the 2013 General Election.
2023-01-26 The Misiri Legend Explored: A Linguistic Inquiry into the Kalenjiin People's Oral Tradition of Ancient Egyptian Origin.
2023-01-26 Tanzania in Transition: From Nyerere to Mkapa.

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