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Connecting-Africa is a gateway to African research information produced worldwide. It provides access to 90548 publications from 99 repositories. All publications originate from these repositories.

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2022-12-07 Achieving low emission development: Anticipating alignment between global strategies and local realities in the Tanzanian dairy sector.
2022-12-07 Justice and Inclusiveness: The Reconfiguration of Global'Local Relationships in Sustainability Initiatives in Ghana's Cocoa Sector.
2022-12-07 Maternal nutritional status, decision-making autonomy and the nutritional status of adolescent girls: a cross-sectional analysis in the Mion District of Ghana.
2022-12-07 Community-based approaches to support the anchoring of climate-smart agriculture in Tanzania.
2022-12-07 The effects of safety certification and nutrition messaging on the demand for nutritionally enhanced food in urban Ethiopia.
2022-12-07 The impact of famine on human relations and survival mechanisms in Wajir District.
2022-12-07 Challenges of strategy implementation at Centre for African Family Studies.
2022-12-07 Impact of integrated family planning and HIV care services on contraceptive use and pregnancy outcomes: a retrospective cohort study.
2022-12-07 Forgotten but not gone: slum clearance in Old Bondeni, Nakuru.
2022-12-07 Working with rural communities :participatory action research in Kenya.

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