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Connecting-Africa is a gateway to African research information and materials produced worldwide. It provides access to 78282 publications from 95 repositories as well as information on 55 Africa experts (researchers, policymakers, development practioners) and on 891 organisations (research or development-related institutes with expertise on Africa).

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2020-10-22 The Development of Government Policy Concerning Africans on Private Estates in Nyasaland, With Particular Reference to the Period 1946-1964.
2020-10-22 An Analysis of the History and Discourse of the Tunisian Islamic Movement al-Nahda: A Case Study of the Politicisation of Islam.
2020-10-22 The Legal Status of Nigerian Women With Special Reference to Marriage.
2020-10-22 Black Pastoralists, White Farmers: The Dynamics of Land Dispossession and Labour Recruitment in Southern Namibia, 1915-1955.
2020-10-22 Labour Migration From Mozambique to South Africa, With Special Reference to the Delagoa Bay Hinterland, c. 1862 to 1897.
2020-10-22 The Evolution of the Egyptian Political Elite, 1907-1921: A Case Study of the Role of the Large Landowners in Politics.
2020-10-22 Extradition Law and Practice in Egypt and Other Arab States.
2020-10-22 Legal Status of Women in Malawi From Pre-Colonial Period to Independence, 1964.
2020-10-22 The Concept of the Rule of Law in African Societies.
2020-10-22 French Attitudes and Policies Towards Islam in West Africa, c. 1900-1940.

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